Murder By Misadventure – A Review by Bob Lawson

Here are some extracts we received from Shields Gazette critic Bob Lawson’s review of the play:

Many of the nuances of the plot will be lost unless the players are skilful enough to be convincing in their roles. It must be said that Cleadon players are indeed skilful enough and display striking maturity in their parts. The characterizations was all that could be desired, everyone looked and spoke in tune with their stage selves.

Ian Reah was undoubtedly the star of the show; he really showed just what a fine actor he has become. He was the creative partner in a writing team of two. The piece that stood out was when he had to read ironically a paragraph from an advertisement brochure about the flat where the play is set, it was a joy to hear. But that was just a small section in a part that called for a wide range of emotions and projections. Well done Ian!

John Errington is no stranger to the Cleadon stage. His part is the very opposite to his flamboyant partner; being quieter but determined, so forming a good contrast to Ian.

Carole Machin has only appeared once before at Cleadon, here she came of age because she played the part of the neurotic wife with great aplomb and conviction.

Peter Calvert, as the unusual police inspector, looked and spoke with just the right amount of mystery. He was very different from the usual detective seen in stage thrillers, being as much an enigma as the two characters he was quizzing!