The Exorcism Starts Monday 10th November at 7.30

Here are the Director’s Notes by Frank Ditchburn for this exiting production which runs from 10th to 15th November:-

It is always a pleasure to direct a talented and enthusiastic cast in a well-written and powerful play, and in this production you will see both.

The Exorcism first saw the light of day in 1972 as a 40-minute production in BBC TV’s Dead of Night series. It was subsequently re-worked as a radio play, and finally expanded into the two-act stage presentation you will see at the Little Theatre.

Of our cast, Mark Lamb, John Errington and Sonia McDonnell have all appeared on our stage before and make a welcome return. Helen Irving makes her first appearance, hopefully of many.

Finally, a vote of thanks to John for the set, Dave and Tim for the lights and sound, and to all the unsung heroes who take on backstage and front-of-house duties without which no show would be possible.

Phone 536 1858, but be quick as tickets usually sell out quite quickly.