Audition Readings for My Favourite Summer – Tuesday 26th January 2016 at 7.30 pm

Every once in a while a play comes along that reminds you of the glorious summers of your twenties. The long, hot days, that fantastic trip abroad with your mates, the moment when the girl you’ve fancied for years suddenly realises she feels the same way, and you live happily ever after.

This is not that play.

Instead join Dave as he spends a month working alongside a nutcase called Melvin in the summer job from hell whilst trying to save money to take the girl he loves away on holiday with him before she disappears out of his life forever.

Still, at least the weather’s nice for him!

The cast consists of the following

Dave:  Angst-ridden, thinnish, late 20s – early 30s:  a principal part

Melvin: Coarse, laddish, maybe sturdily built, mid 30s – early 40s:  a principal part

Dave’s Dad:  Hearty but hen-pecked, 50s: a small part

Bob: Arrogant and annoying: a sex pest:  late 40s:  a small part

Sarah:  The object of Dave’s desires: attractive and vivacious but flighty, manipulative:  mid to late 20s: dark hair:  a principal part

Dave’s Mum: lively and overly protective of Dave’s wellbeing:  mid-late 40s a small part

Angela:  Down-to-earth, lively sense of humour:  attractive, no nonsense personality: early-late 20s:  a small part

Julie:  Smartly dressed lass on a night out: 20s – 30s: a very small part

Debs: Melvin’s ex-wife, and his soul mate: a small part

We also need people to fill roles such as:

Prompt, Sound and Lighting, Producer, Props, Stage manager, Front of house, Setting up the theatre, Striking the set and seats, Set builders.

The “casting reading” is scheduled for Tuesday 26th January at 7.30 pm.

If you wish to take part in the play either on stage or off, please contact the Little Theatre Committee indicating what role you are interested in. Please do this as soon as you can.