Review of Audacity by BobLawson

16th  April 2016 Cleadon Village Drama Club

Audacity by Simon Mawdsley

Extracts from Bob Lawson’s personal view

This play is known as a comedy thriller. It has a good interesting story line with plenty of humour.

The First Act sets the scene for the real meat of the play which occurs in the Second Act. John Errington plays Phillip with the consummate ease of the experienced actor asked to perform the straight man in contrast to all the other characters. The first half hour of the play did not have much drama, apart from the menace of the unexpected handgun though David Beston’s welcome re-appearance on the Cleadon stage had brought more life to the stage as the exuberant Dave.

Stan Dix was a revelation playing the diffident John; his acting was to become by far the best he has shown at Cleadon. His timidity and ability to get things not quite right brought some of the best laughs during the evening.

When the two ladies came into action, the play achieved another dimension. The reaction between the two vastly different women was a joy. It portrayed two fine actresses blending arguing over the puzzling behaviour of their husbands. The whole of the Second Act was full of dramatic scenes all played so well that it more than made up for the rather flat First Act.

Helen Irving’s Gillian was well played, quiet when need be but equally strong when necessary. When she confessed to her marital indiscretions she conveyed just the right amount of contrition and defiance.

Camilla Robinson is very welcome indeed to the Cleadon Stage. Cleadon has had a long tradition of really good lady actors, some in our present pool I hasten to say! It’s a great joy to see such a terrific debut! What an impression she made, a real natural.

Mention must be made of the argument scene near the end of the play which must have been so difficult to plot and get just right, but got right it was. I was particularly struck with Stan’s acting whilst sitting at the table with his head often in his hands as he regretted his part in the robbery, this was fine acting.

I offer congratulations to the cast for giving the audience such a good evening’s entertainment. Mention must be made of the great job Bill Dodds has done in directing this play.

Well done John Thornton and his team for a good set which suited the play so well, and to the lighting and sound crew.

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