Season November 2014 – June 2015

The Exorcism by Don Taylor

10-15 November 2014

PREPARE to be scared, prepare to be very scared . . . well, at the very least, a bit nervy at times by this production in which four friends gather for Christmas dinner at an old cottage. Suddenly, there’s a power failure and the phone goes dead. It’s the start of a series of macabre events which mount relentlessly to a bizarre and terrifying climax involving all four characters.

Click on images below courtesy of Craig McNair to view this event. For Craig’s gallery of the Exorcism click here.

Patrons Night – “An Evening of English Humour”

29-30 January 2015.

Readings by members of the Club from well known (and some lesser known) English Humourists such as Alan Coren, Keith Waterhouse, Joyce Grenfell , Dorothy Parker ( who is in fact American!) and a not very well known eccentric writer called Leonard Barrass.

The pieces will be introduced by Bill Dodds with short biographical details of the author and the readers. Bill will also be telling a couple of shaggy dog stories. Helen Hillcoat will alternate with each reading with her own inimitable act – songs to a guitar and her own stories.

Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders by Derek Webb

8-13 June 2015

Agatha Crusty (pronounced Croosty) is a crime novelist. She’s also pretty adept at solving crimes. And when her sister-in-law Alice invites her to spend a few days with her in the village of Chortelby, it’s not long before she gets caught up in a series of murders which seem directed at members of the All Saints Village Hall committee. A murder mystery packed full of wit and very funny scenes.

To view photographs of Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders production taken by ID Event Photography click here