Season October 2015 – June 2016

We’ll Always Have Paris by Jill Hyem

19-24 October 2015

A delightful; feel-good play featuring three women of a ‘certain age’ who gravitate to Paris. There’s Nancy, a retired headmistress determined to throw off the shackles; Anna, recently widowed – and free – after years of nursing a sick husband; and Raquel, a divorcee in search of eternal youth and a new toy boy.

Director: Bill Dodds Cast: Lorna Bell, Kathleen Dodds, John Errington, Sonia McDonnell, Doreen Shannon.

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Snake in the Grass by Alan Ayckbourn

18-23 January 2016

The play is about a middle-aged older sister who returns to the family home where her younger sister still lives, shortly after their abusive father’s death.

Director: Lizi Goodall Cast: Dolores Brown, Gillian Crossly, Sonia McDonnell.

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Audacity by Simon Mawdsley

11-16 April 2016

Phillip a recently divorced salesman plans an armed robbery. He enlists the help of Dave and John but their behaviour arouses the suspicion of their wives (Gemma and Gillian). Can the first time robbers successfully carry out the plan? Can they keep it a secret from their wives?

Director: Bill Dodds Cast: Dave Beston, Stan Dix, John Errington, Helen Irving, Camilla Robinson.

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The Decorator by Donald Churchill

20-25 June 2016

Marcia returns to her flat to find it has not been painted as she arranged. A part time painter who is filling in for an ill colleague is just beginning the work when the wife of the man with whom Marcia is having an affair arrives to tell all to Marcia’s husband.

Director: Lizi Goodall Cast: Lorna Bell, Frank Ditchburn, Denise Wilson.

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