Season November 2017 – June 2018

Entertaining Angels by Richard Everett

6th – 11th November 2017

As a vicar’s wife, Grace has spent a lifetime on her best behaviour. Now, after the death of her husband Bardolph, she can enjoy the new-found freedom of being able to do and say exactly what she wants. But the return of her eccentric missionary sister, Ruth, together with some disturbing revelations forces Grace to confront the truth of her marriage. Set in a lush vicarage garden complete with real grass, plants and a stream with running water, the play is filled with sharp-edged comedy and probing wit with Penelope Keith giving a widely acclaimed performance as Grace.

Director: Peter Dawson       Cast: William Dodds, Vanessa Karon, Sonia McDonnell, Charlotte Reid, Denise Wilson.

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The Dock Brief  and The Lunch Hour by John Mortimer

5th – 10th February 2018

A legal satire and a one act play about a man and a woman who attempt to have an affair during their lunch hour.

Dock Brief Director: Bill Dodds       Cast: David Cooke, Stan Dix.

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Lunch Hour Director: David Beston       Cast: Lorna Bell, Ian Reah, Charlotte Reid.

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The Murder Room by Jack Sharkey

16th – 21st April 2018

Murder has never been this funny. A spoof of all crime thrillers … it is good clean mirth all the way. The quick, smart, extremely well timed dialogue means never a dull moment in this mystery comedy.

Director: Frank Ditchburn       Cast: Lorna Bell, David Beston, Gillian Crossley, Tristan Gaines, Phillip Holland, Charlotte Reid.

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Ladies Down Under by Amanda Whittington

11th – 16th June 2018

The funny, heart-warming sequel to the enormously successful Ladies’ Day, following the lasses from Hull on their adventures down under.

Director: David Beston Cast: Kathryn Atack, Tony Chapman, David Cooke, Helen Irving, Gary Manson, Kai Newton, Tracy Office, Charlotte Reid.

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