Audition Readings for Agatha Crusty – Tuesday 21st October

The audition reading for Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders will be on Tuesday, 21st October in The Little Theatre from 7.00pm.

It should be a good laugh, even if it’s not quite Checkov.  Production dates are 8th – 13th June, 2015, so there’s plenty of time to learn lines.

Parts are as follows:

Harry – the village hall caretaker, cynical, worldly-wise, down-to-earth

Agatha – crime novelist, unassuming, but very smart

Alice – Agatha’s sister-in-law, pleasant, unpretentious

Olivia – upper crust, landed gentry type, with less land than she’d like

Eleanor – chair of the hall committee, mother superior type

Twigg – Detective Inspector of extraordinary incompetence

Maisie – cleaner, pleasant, but not afraid to call a spade a spade

Toby – vicar, generally genial and a little naive, but can be forceful

PC Lockett – village bobby, cousin to Harry

Isabella – pub landlady, mumsy type, with definite pretensions

Oliver – Olivia’s brother, who, except for the hair, looks the same

Mandy – model, young, streetwise girl

Play Readings – Tuesday Evenings

Productions for the season –

Anyone interested in being involved in a particular production should make every effort to attend the readings. We need a lot of support for the large cast of Agatha Crusty as there are quite a few smallish parts.

Play readings

Tuesday 12th August – The Exorcism

Tuesday 19th August – Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders

Tuesday 26th August – We’ll Always Have Paris

Come along at 7.30 and let your light shine!