Snake in the Grass – Photographs

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Audition Readings for My Favourite Summer – Tuesday 26th January 2016 at 7.30 pm

Every once in a while a play comes along that reminds you of the glorious summers of your twenties. The long, hot days, that fantastic trip abroad with your mates, the moment when the girl you’ve fancied for years suddenly realises she feels the same way, and you live happily ever after.

This is not that play.

Instead join Dave as he spends a month working alongside a nutcase called Melvin in the summer job from hell whilst trying to save money to take the girl he loves away on holiday with him before she disappears out of his life forever.

Still, at least the weather’s nice for him!

The cast consists of the following

Dave:  Angst-ridden, thinnish, late 20s – early 30s:  a principal part

Melvin: Coarse, laddish, maybe sturdily built, mid 30s – early 40s:  a principal part

Dave’s Dad:  Hearty but hen-pecked, 50s: a small part

Bob: Arrogant and annoying: a sex pest:  late 40s:  a small part

Sarah:  The object of Dave’s desires: attractive and vivacious but flighty, manipulative:  mid to late 20s: dark hair:  a principal part

Dave’s Mum: lively and overly protective of Dave’s wellbeing:  mid-late 40s a small part

Angela:  Down-to-earth, lively sense of humour:  attractive, no nonsense personality: early-late 20s:  a small part

Julie:  Smartly dressed lass on a night out: 20s – 30s: a very small part

Debs: Melvin’s ex-wife, and his soul mate: a small part

We also need people to fill roles such as:

Prompt, Sound and Lighting, Producer, Props, Stage manager, Front of house, Setting up the theatre, Striking the set and seats, Set builders.

The “casting reading” is scheduled for Tuesday 26th January at 7.30 pm.

If you wish to take part in the play either on stage or off, please contact the Little Theatre Committee indicating what role you are interested in. Please do this as soon as you can.

Mystery and Magic – Monday 25th January 2016

Hands On NE are presenting a great entertaining evening of live music, mystery drama and magical singing.

The event includes sneak previews from two new plays by local award winning playwrights David Cooke and David Farn. Featured are Trish Whale from Encore, and our own Helen Russell with a specially written song. Other familiar faces like Ian Reah, Steven Stobbs, Dolores Porretta-Brown, David Cooke and many more will also be entertaining us.

Come and enjoy a cabaret style evening with bar and table nibbles.

Tickets £5 include prize draws and can be booked with Norma Chapman on 0191 4470493

Director’s Workshops

Bill Dodds is running a series of Director’s Workshops in the Green Room on Club nights from 7pm. The workshops are suitable for all levels of experience. The example used will be a One act play by John Mortimer –‘The Dock Brief’ which will be performed for a Patrons Evening to be held at the end of the season.

This 2 hander, by the creator of Horace Rumpole is already cast ( Stan Dix and John Thornton have the roles) and the purpose of the workshops will be to give ANYONE interested ( beginners or not) an opportunity to give their views on how the play can be best presented to an audience. Concentrating on stage movement , line delivery, positioning, and ”business” – in other words all aspects of presenting a play which will move the production from “ordinary” to “extraordinary”  and to give every member the opportunity to make suggestions and to discuss why certain  aspects of basic stage craft need to be followed . Scripts will be available to distribute to those attending from Tuesday 8th December.


Christmas Quiz Night – Saturday 19th December 7.30pm

The much anticipated Christmas Quiz Night is to take place on Saturday 19th December.
Spot prizes, team prizes and weird facts all from the quiz master himself, Ian Reah.
Fun starts at 7.30pm – £2 per head.

Please bring something to put on the Christmas Buffet.

Audition Readings For Snake in the Grass by Alan Ayckbourn – Monday 2nd November

The audition reading for “Snake in the Grass” will be held at the Little Theatre at 7.30pm on Monday 2nd NOVEMBER.

There are three adult female parts. Although there are no male parts all are welcome.

Production dates are 18th – 23rd January 2016, and the Director will be Lizi Goodall.

Anyone interested in being involved in this production should make every effort to attend the readings.

Comedy One-man Show Friday 30th October at 7.30 pm

Ray Lowry is an an after-dinner speaker; retired doctor and dentist; and an ex-comedy TV, radio performer / writer.

In a show entitled “Funny Bones and Wisdom Teeth” Dr Ray Lowry is performing at the Little Theatre Cleadon on Friday 30th October at 7.30 pm.

Contains Adult Themes.

Tickets cost £8. Phone booking only: 0333 666 3366

For other enquiries regarding Ray’s show phone 0191 2960689

We’ll Always Have Paris by Jill Hyem

Monday 19th October to Saturday 24th October 2015. Tickets £6.00 available from The Little Theatre 0191 4470493

We are fortunate to have Bill Dodds, an actor and director of long experience, directing this production

Sonia McDonnell, and Kathleen Dodds are familiar and popular actors combining their talents to entertain you in this production. John Errington is an experienced actor who also brings his singing and musical talent to the role of Monsieur Charlot. Lorna Bell and Doreen Shannon are fairly new to Cleadon but you may remember Lorna as Eleanor in the June production.