Director’s Workshops

Bill Dodds is running a series of Director’s Workshops in the Green Room on Club nights from 7pm. The workshops are suitable for all levels of experience. The example used will be a One act play by John Mortimer –‘The Dock Brief’ which will be performed for a Patrons Evening to be held at the end of the season.

This 2 hander, by the creator of Horace Rumpole is already cast ( Stan Dix and John Thornton have the roles) and the purpose of the workshops will be to give ANYONE interested ( beginners or not) an opportunity to give their views on how the play can be best presented to an audience. Concentrating on stage movement , line delivery, positioning, and ”business” – in other words all aspects of presenting a play which will move the production from “ordinary” to “extraordinary”  and to give every member the opportunity to make suggestions and to discuss why certain  aspects of basic stage craft need to be followed . Scripts will be available to distribute to those attending from Tuesday 8th December.


SWOT Workshop 7.30 pm Tuesday 30th June

Denise will be facilitating a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) workshop at 7.30 on Tuesday 30th June in the Little Theatre.

The aim of the workshop is to develop an action plan for the Little Theatre and the Drama Club for next season.

This should be a creative and fun evening and all are welcome.

Weekly Speech Deconstruction Workshops

Tuesday 15th April at 7 pm

Bill Dodds will be holding a series of workshops for those not involved in the June production (Natural Causes). They will last not more than an hour and afterwards there will be an opportunity to relax with friends.

The theme of the workshops will be “Speech Deconstruction” which Bill knows sounds very “hifalutin” but which really only means working out how many different ways you can find to say one speech ranging from  2 words “A Handbag!” to Hamlets soliloquy (  ” To be or…….. etc”). He says it will be quite good fun.


Light and Sound Technical Workshop

Saturday 2nd November at 10 am

Dave Dunbar and Techie Tim of NEATT will host this workshop at the Drama Club and anyone interested in learning more about the mysteries of lighting and sound (like how to turn the whole thing on! ) is urged to attend . They may even manage to achieve some spooky  effects for the Halloween party in the evening.

Free Theatre Workshop

8th October at 7.30pm

Don’t Worry if you haven’t been on stage before – we all had to start somewhere.

Everyone from total novice to those with some experience are welcome to attend.

We’re also looking for people interested in all aspects of theatre:- lighting, sound, props, costume, etc.

All are welcome at the Little Theatre Cleadon, 5 Boldon Lane, Cleadon, SR6 7RH. For directions click here