The Cleadon Village Drama Club

We at Cleadon Village Drama Club are a small company with big standards and, despite the name, have active members from many parts of the local area from Low Fell to Sunderland to Co. Durham and beyond. We are almost entirely self-funded, apart from the odd small grant which has contributed to the finances to enable us to carry out extensions.

We are a registered charity – No 500334.

The advantages of being a small group is that new members don’t feel lost when they join and the chances of getting a part or becoming involved in other activities very soon after joining, are high! However, if people want to wait a while and get ‘a feel of the place’ that’s fine too.

We are guided and supported by our President whilst day to day running and administration is through the General Committee.

President: Mrs. Kathleen Goldsborough
Vice-President: Mr. Paul Lamb
Trustees: Gail Allen, Gillian Crossley, Kathleen Dodds, Chris Bradley

Executive Committee:
Chair: David Beston
Treasurer: John Thornton
Membership Secreraty: Gillian Crossley
Business Manager: Ian Lawson-Smith

Committee Members:
Stan Dix
Charlotte Reid
Frank Ditchburn
Wynn Walton
Ian Reah

Co-opted Members:
House Manager: David Bailey